Thursday, April 5, 2012


Some of the first phrases/words the boys learned were 'please', 'thank you', and 'bless you'.  Of course, they sound more like 'pleebs', 'tank you' and 'ess you', but they are very good about remembering and saying them.  Even Gus has noticed that if someone sneezes, the boys will say "bless you" and keep repeating it until the person says thank you.

Since we've arrived home, we've started working on "May I be excused?" and "I'm sorry".  'May I be excused' is pretty long so we've let them shorten it to 'excuse me?' when they are done eating.  The other day Sam did say "May I excuse me?" after he heard Gus ask to be excused so I think we are pretty close to getting them to say the whole thing.

Our newest phrase is "I'm sorry" which actually sounds like "I soggy".  Yesterday, Drew hit Sam in the back and I told him he needed to say "I'm sorry" and hug, but he just crossed his arms and refused.  So Drew had to sit by himself and be quiet until he would say it.  Aaron came home in the mean time and I let him take over so I could finish supper.  At one point, we saw Sam walk up to Drew and say something in Hungarian then 'I soggy' and hold up his hands - it's like he was saying "all you have to do is say 'I'm sorry' and then we can play".  A minute or 2 passed when I heard Aaron talking to Drew and Drew told Sam he was sorry.  Sam came running up to me and said "Mom, Mom, Du (something in Hungarian) I soggy!"  It was the funniest thing and I think Sam was very proud of Drew for finally saying it.

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