Friday, May 11, 2012

The big 5!!

Drew turned 5 on Wednesday.  We kept it small and just had pizza and cake here at the house.  We started talking about his birthday on Tuesday.  His teacher told me that he kept saying 5 all day Tuesday.  On Wednesday, he got a Happy Birthday ribbon at school and we had a cupcake party with his class.

I made his cake like I did for Gus when he was little.  It won't win Cake Wars, but it tasted yummy!!

Sam did not like that Drew was getting all the attention.  He kept pointing at the presents and asking "Sam?"  He would get so sad when we said no.  He also kept asking if it was his birthday and when we said "in 30 days".  Sam would say "OK" then ask us again in 5 minutes.  He's asked me every day since then if it's his birthday.

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