Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Our conversations with the boys are becoming longer.  Both of them speak pretty clearly now, although Drew is still a little hard to understand sometimes.

About 2 weeks ago, on a Friday evening, we were outside and it was getting cool.  Aaron went inside to get a lightweight jacket and he grabbed the one he wore in Hungary.  (He hasn't worn it since March)  As soon as he came back outside with it on, Drew looked at him and said "Miskolc jacket".  Drew has a mind like a steel trap!  We started asking him questions about Miskolc and his old house.  He told us that Adam and a doctor came to his old house and asked him questions.  We asked "What did they ask you?"  He said "my name" but couldn't tell us anything else.

Both he and Sam have been talking more about their old house (they call it Miskolc house or old) and they talk about old mom and old dad.  Occasionally, one of them will mention "the kids" but when we ask them more questions, they say they don't know.  Very confusing.

Sam talks about Ho, Ho all the time.  We keep saying Santa Claus, but he can't say it, so he says Ho, Ho.  The other day Sam told us that he was going to hide in the closet and when he saw Ho, Ho, he would say "Hey, Ho, Ho, what's up?"  Where does he come up with this stuff???

Sam also 'loves' everything that anyone else mentions/eats/does.  Tonight, Gus warmed up some soup and it was a little too hot so he put an ice cube in it.  Sam immediately said that he loved ice and wanted some in his macaroni and cheese.  If I said I love onions, he would say that he loves them too.

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