Monday, July 23, 2012

Funny conversations

A few nights ago, we had this conversation at dinner:
Drew: Mom, Jesus fly?
Mom: No, Jesus doesn't fly.  He's just everywhere.
Sam: Jesus eat?
Dad: No, Jesus doesn't eat food.
Sam: Me fly.  I can do it. (firm nod of the head)

Dad: Gus, do you know what a legume is?
Gus: No.
Sam:  I know.

Dad: Sam, where does hamburger come from?
Sam:  (long pause)  The store.

Fourth of July

We went to my hometown for a parade and fireworks. My brother and nephew were there and the kids all played together very well  We decided to incorporate many American themes - bike races, BBQ, baseball, fireworks - we had a great time!

Gus was 2nd in his age group in the bike race

My brother with the boys


"They just throw the candy to us!!"

The boys weren't sure what to think of the fireworks at first, but they quickly found that they liked them - the louder, the better!

Family vacation

We took a family vacation with 4 other families to South Dakota a couple weeks ago.  One of my friends grew up there and invited us to her family's ranch.  We all decided to stay most of the time in Deadwood and visit Mount Rushmore before going farther north to her family home.

Stockade Restaurant

Drew and Sam with Wild Bill Hickock

Main Street Deadwood, SD

"No more pictures, Mom"


Family picture

Keep in mind that 4 months ago, Drew was deathly afraid of most animals.  Now, we couldn't drag him off the horses!

Gus was a natural

Beautiful wide open space