Thursday, September 22, 2011

European Vacation

Finally posting pics from Europe
In France - Obviously, I shouldn't have to describe what is behind us!  It was amazing and beautiful to see!  Springtime is really a beautiful time to visit. 

On the grounds of the Louvre.  Everything was immaculate and well maintained.  I could spend days in Paris!  Especially if I knew any French :)

The entrance to the Louvre.  I thought it looked out of place being so modern while surrounded by so much history.

The most famous picture in the world and probably the most heavily guarded.  Did you know it is only 20x30 inches?  I read an interesting book on the history and 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa.  Now the painting is behind 6 inches of bulletproof glass and roped off so that you can't get closer than 6-7 feet away.

Bayeux Cathedral in Bayeux France

Cathedral interiors

The American cemetary in Normandy, France

I can't really describe the feelings and emotions I had while walking around the cemetary.  It is immaculate and serene and respectful.

On to London...
Aaron in front of Big Ben - which is actually the name of one of the bells in the tower and not the actual tower.

Yes, we had a few pints while we were there.  This is a famous bar called The Albert.

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Westminster Abbey - we were there 3 weeks before the big wedding so there was a flurry of activity here and at Buckingham Palace

Aaron in a famous red phone booth.  One thing we noticed here, France and in Wales is that people don't walk around with cell phones stuck to their ears.  Maybe they are a little more civilized??  I can't remember the last time I saw a phone booth on the street.

Aaron with a Chelsea Pensioner.  We met him outside The Albert and found out that he served in WWII.  It is very prestigious to be a Chelsea Pensioner.  One must be a veteran and asked by the government.  You would be provided with housing and medical for as long as you lived.  He is 91 years young.

Westminster Cathedral - Catholic Church we attended on Saturday.  It was built in the early 1900's.  Cardinal Basil Hume is buried here.

Buckingham Palace

On the Welsh coastline

Sheep roam freely in Wales so watch where you step!

Wales has over 1,000 old castles.  Most are in some sort of disrepair.

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