Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home update

Our beautiful floors were finished on Friday and we were able to start moving in on Sunday.  It's nice to have a room again and get Gus back in his room (which will become the guest room).  Today, the tile guys should start on our bathroom and (hopefully) finish on Friday.  Cabinets are complete and waiting for counter tops.  After tile is finished the cabinets and tops can be installed.  The carpet in the boys' room (I love saying 'the boys') will be cleaned on Wednesday and then we can start setting things up in there.

We are gathering things for the boys.  We have been so blessed with toys and clothes and home items from friends.  It's amazing how much stuff little boys need - I've forgotten what 3 and 4 year olds need.  We have some wonderful things that we can take with us and that can be played with on the plane.  I bought some of the cutest little underwear (Thomas the Train and Cars) for them.  The wonderful ladies from my ACTS small group blessed us with a gift card shower last week, so we are able to buy them things later on.

Before we leave in 8 DAYS - one of the main things I want to get done is to take pictures of our home, their room, backyard, dog, church, the school, etc - all things I want them to recognize when we get back.  We are also encouraged to leave copies of these pictures with the foster family.

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