Friday, February 3, 2012

1 week to go!

Oh, we are getting so close!  In one week, we will meet the boys and see them in person for the first time!!!  Aaron had a dream about them a couple weeks ago.  He dreamed that we got over there and one of the boys told us that they were in there 30's but still wanted to come to America with us.  He was so mad in the dream!  The facilitator said that it would be okay since they were still small.  LOL 

We are working on getting the boys' room put together.  Gus slept down there for the first time.  I'm anxious to see how long this room sharing lasts.

Bishop Zurek said a special mass for us, my parents and Aaron's parents on Wednesday evening.  He used the mass for the Holy Family, which is usually said between Christmas and the New Year.  He then gave a brief homily on the verse Luke 2:51 "...and his mother kept all these things in her heart."  It was a beautiful mass and we were all very honored that he would offer to do this for us.  When I get really anxious, I have to remind myself that God's in control and will guide us through this.

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