Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer fun and scrapes

We took the boys swimming for the first time this summer last weekend.  Both were very hesitant at first but quickly realized that they were floating.  After that, we couldn't get them OUT of the pool.  They quickly learned to kick and move their arms to get where they wanted to go.

I found these neat floaties at Target.  They have the foam floaties for the arms and have a connector piece across the middle.  The boys felt very secure in them.  The floaties buckle in the back so the boys can't take them off without help.

Sam had his first big scrape on Thursday night.  He was riding a pedal tractor and got to going fast and came up over the driveway and it tipped over on him.  He immediately had a big goose egg over his left eye.  Unfortunately, it looked worse the next morning.  He came up to me with this sad look on his face and said "Mom, better?"  I said not yet.  Every morning, he looks in the mirror and says, "Mom, little better."
Ready for bed.  You can kind of see the bump over his eye.

The next morning.  Definitely NOT better!

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