Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More funny conversations

The boys speak really well now and we can understand almost everything they say.  They still say things backwards.  They are also in the habit of saying something that has the same meaning but saying it in different ways.
Drew loves our babysitter, Ansley.  He knows that she comes on Tuesday and Thursday and the boys go to school on the other days of the week.  So after Monday, he'll say:

Drew "Mom, me eat, sleep, wake up, Ansley here." 
Mom: "Yes"
Drew: "Mom, Ansley here after sleep, wake up" 
Mom: "Yes" 
Drew: "Mom, eat, sleep, wake up, Ansley my house"
Mom: "Yes"

One of my friends asked if I thought he did this because he was trying to find the right order of words.  I hadn't thought of it that way but it really makes sense.

They love all of our babysitters and when I tell them that we are going out and one of the sitters is coming over, one of them will reply, "Awestome!"

On Monday night, we were at the dinner table and Sam told us this:

"Mom, you no here.  Dad no here.  Gus yes. Drew yes. Pa yes. Gammy yes. Me yes.  We have this (he holds up his hands and mimes eating corn on the cob)." 

As we all start laughing, he tells us the same thing word for word.  This is funny because the weekend before, Aaron and I were gone and my parents came and stayed with the boys.  They had corn on the cob for the first time (we think) and my parents said that the boys ate so much of it!  Sam was telling us that the first time he had it, Aaron and I were gone.

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