Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Me no more trouvle"

On Sunday, we had the boys baptized at our church.  We had been preparing them for a while but you could tell that they just didn't get it.  The day before, Sam told me at lunch "Me, bathtub (baptize) no more bad".  Aaron had told them that they would have no more sins and that lead to a discussion on sins.  Then, Sam said "Me show" and held up his hands like he was showing a baby to the congregation, in the same way our priest shows a newly baptized baby.   At least they knew that they would get wet and they seemed to be ok with that.  Later, Aaron told me that Sam had told him "Me baptize. Me trouvle, go back."  We laugh because he thought he could just go back and be baptized every time he gets in trouble.

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