Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lunch conversation

The boys have minds like steel traps.  You tell them something one time and they will remember it.  A couple weeks ago, Gus mentioned sleeping on the trampoline and, boy, did Sam's ears perk up!  He asked if he (Sam) could sleep on the trampoline.  I said "No, you have to be big before you can spend the night on the trampoline."  Well, today at lunch, out of the blue, Sam says, "Mom, Sam almost big trampoline sleep.  Drew almost big trampoline sleep. Gus big trampoline sleep."  Then he repeats this word for word two more times.  I had to hold back my laughter because he only said the important words but also because he was so serious.  He wanted to make sure that I knew he hadn't forgotten the rules. 

Monday, June 25, 2012


Both of the boys are speaking a lot of English now and we can understand most of it.  The funny thing is that they say things backwards.  Today, I picked them up from school and Sam said "Mom, big muscles Sam."  Tonight at supper, I asked Aaron what he wanted to drink and he said "a Shiner."  Sam piped up with "Mom, me Shiner too!" LOL  When they get excited about something - usually food - they say "oh goodness!"  It's just too cute! 

Both of the boys are really healthy.  A friend asked me this the other day and I said that we are so thankful for their health.  The foster parents did a great job teaching the boys to wash their hands, and because they were well taken care of there (good diets, clean home) we haven't had any sicknesses yet.  I know the time will come when they do get sick, but I'm grateful we haven't had to deal with any of that while we are adjusting.  It's silly but I've prayed that nothing serious would happen while I couldn't understand them.  Imagine how frustrating it would be if something hurt and I couldn't understand them to help them!

We've begun teaching the boys about lying because they have both been blaming the other when something happens.  So we say, "Lying not good.  Jesus sad if you lie."  The other day, something happened and they each blamed the other.  I said, "Jesus is sad that one of you is lying."  Sam looked at me and said, "Sam no lie. Drew lie. Jesus lie no good."  Sure enough, he was right.  Drew admitted that he had done it.  Don't get me wrong, this all started because Sam lied to me first, but Sam is just more vocal about things than Drew.  I like how they both (seem to) understand that Jesus wants them to do well and they want to make Him happy.

Shower blessings

Eleven dear friends held a shower for the boys on June 16th.  Everything was just wonderful!  The boys received many wonderful things and have had so much fun playing with everything.

The cutest cake!
Gus was touched that his name was in the middle.
I love the hearts around Drew and Sam's names.

Summer fun and scrapes

We took the boys swimming for the first time this summer last weekend.  Both were very hesitant at first but quickly realized that they were floating.  After that, we couldn't get them OUT of the pool.  They quickly learned to kick and move their arms to get where they wanted to go.

I found these neat floaties at Target.  They have the foam floaties for the arms and have a connector piece across the middle.  The boys felt very secure in them.  The floaties buckle in the back so the boys can't take them off without help.

Sam had his first big scrape on Thursday night.  He was riding a pedal tractor and got to going fast and came up over the driveway and it tipped over on him.  He immediately had a big goose egg over his left eye.  Unfortunately, it looked worse the next morning.  He came up to me with this sad look on his face and said "Mom, better?"  I said not yet.  Every morning, he looks in the mirror and says, "Mom, little better."
Ready for bed.  You can kind of see the bump over his eye.

The next morning.  Definitely NOT better!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How quickly time flies!

Gus graduated from St. Mary's Cathedral School on May 31st.  So many of the kids had been together since kindergarten and we had all come to know and love each other.  They are a tremendous group of kids and parents!
First day of Kindergarten - 2006

Last day of 5th Grade - 2012

The big 11!

So 3 days after Sam's birthday, Gus turned 11.  Since it was a Sunday, we let the kids sleep longer and Sam was the last to wake.  The rest of us were in the living room telling Gus "Happy Birthday" when Sam came in and said "No Gus birthday, Sam sleep, no birthday".  He is definitely not a morning kid!
After church, Gus opened his presents.

New sunglasses are a favorite!

New dirt bike helmet!

We went to Sports World after the little boys woke up from their naps.  Gus and Aaron drove go carts.

We tried to teach the boys miniature golf, but that didn't go over well :)  Drew thought he was supposed to pick up all the balls after everyone hit the first time.

Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well and by the time we got to the 5th hole, I was sick in the bushes.  I waited inside while Gus and Aaron finished and then we went home.  Aaron started running a fever and poor Gus had to take care of his parents on his birthday.  We rallied for his delicious grilled cheese sandwiches but didn't last long.  Luckily, the little boys were exhausted so they went to bed early.  I was able to stay up with Gus for little while longer.

The big 4!

Sam's big day finally arrived on June 7th!  I wish I could say he waited patiently for it, but he probably did the best a 3 year old can do!!  Sam got to go with Neener to pick out his much anticipated bike!
The choice turned out to be easy since this was the only bike put together!  But he is thrilled and his first words were "Mom, Sam bike fast!"  Oh boy - his guardian angel will be working overtime :)

He was also very excited for his balloons.  It's hard to get him to smile for real - this is another fake smile.

He loved blowing out his candles!  I didn't get to make his cake because Aaron and I got in from a trade show at 5:30 in the morning.

He also received a tool set so he can help Dad around the house.

This water toy will be loads of fun!

Both boys fully understand American birthdays now, and they are eagerly awaiting their next birthdays!