Sunday, February 17, 2013

Funny things

I enjoy the boys conversations and words that they can't say quite right yet.

Drew saw me packing his bag for our trip tomorrow and he went right over to Sam and said "Sam, I'm going on trip.  You gonna miss me?"  So sweet!

packpack = backpack

lellow = yellow

Where you are?

The boys have started playing hide n seek with each other.  It goes better than when Aaron tried to teach them a year ago, but Sam just can't wait quietly.  As soon as Drew finishes counting, he yells "Where you are?" and Sam yells back "Come find me!"  Drew goes straight to where Sam is hiding.  Sam then proceeds to accuse me of telling Drew where he was hiding.

The other game they like to play is the Quiet game and I'm all over this!  They will talk 90 mph and then one of them will say "Let's play the quiet game.  Starting now."  They are actually pretty good at this game, and surprisingly, Sam wins the majority of the time.

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