Saturday, February 16, 2013


We continue to teach the boys good manners.  They are pretty good at saying Yes m'am/sir, no m'am/sir, please, thank you, God bless you, etc.  They have taken this to the point of saying "Mom (or Dad) thank you for cooking this" when we sit down to eat.  They also say this to friends so I know they are getting the message.

They are also learning to encourage others.  Today, Sam said to me "Mom, you did a good job cleaning your room."

The boys are doing really well in school. We had a conference with Drew's teacher and she said that he is right in the middle of the other kids who will go into kindergarten next year.  This is really an accomplishment since he's only been in America for less than a year. 

Sam is learning to play baseball.  He gets really excited about it, but sometimes forgets that it's baseball and he'll say football or basketball.

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