Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Things

I realize that much of our postings have been negative so here are some things we are impressed with:
  1. Both boys eat really well and the only things we’ve found they don’t like are mushrooms.
  2. They both like to brush their teeth.
  3. They like to wash their hands after using the bathroom.
  4. They like to take baths.
  5. They both pick up their toys and shoes when they are told.  Most of the time, we only have to tell them once.
  6. There is always lots of fresh bread in the grocery stores.
  7. Paksalott Icksalott (Aaron's name for the store) - actually called Palackozott Italbot (Google translates = bottled liquor store).  It's about 50 yards from our apartment and the size of a small closet. 

     8.  We can still find good American music.

Well, I was super excited about the washer/dryer (that’s what George told me it was) but then I discovered that it’s only a washer.  I hang everything up on a drying rack to dry.  Jeans take about 2 days to air dry.  There aren’t any fans here so there’s no air flow to help.  I’m thankful that there’s at least a washing machine.  Aaron and I keep saying how much we will appreciate being home!

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