Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates 2/24 (from Kim)

Ok, we haven’t been very good about updating.  We’ve been skyping with people so I think we forget to post – or we’ve been drinking too much wine at night J.  j/k

This has been really difficult and I’m pretty sure it’s all from the language barrier.  We can’t understand them and they can’t understand us.  I also think the foster parents kind of glossed over some stuff so we wouldn’t change our minds or think bad of them or the boys.  Not that we would but they didn’t want to say anything bad about the boys.
On Wednesday, we went to the indoor water park.  All 4 of us went first thing in the morning.  The boys were pretty scared at first but we got them to go down a big slide, first with Aaron and then on their own.  Upstairs there is a kids area with several pools, none deeper than 2 feet.  There were some slides and water features.  They really liked it.  They stayed pretty close to us and didn’t venture off on their own.  I thought about Gus a lot while we were there.  I knew he would love the park.  We went to lunch and I told Aaron to go back to the room and do some work.  I went back to the park with the boys.  We had been there a couple of hours and Sam (the youngest) was playing on a water slide.  All the sudden he sat down and got this look on his face.  I thought – Oh my gosh!  I ran over to him and asked if he needed to go to the bathroom.  He nodded and I grabbed him and we went to the bathroom.  I went back to get Drew and when I went back, Sam had poop on his hands, swimsuit, the toilet and the floor.  He kept trying to clean it up and was only making it worse.  I took him over to the sink, cleaned him up and went back to clean everything up and then we got out of there as quickly as possible.  This was so unusual for him because he and Drew have always told us when they need to go to the bathroom.  I wonder if he drank too much of the pool water and it got things flowing.  We kept telling them to close their mouths in the water but I don’t think it was translating well. 

These kids can eat like there’s no tomorrow.  Sam even takes bread and scrapes his bowl after we’ve had soup.  Mealtimes are sometimes the only calm parts of their waking hours.  Otherwise, it’s constant noise.  I guess this is something we will have to get accustomed to - they are coming from a house with 7 people (5 kids) and we are used to only 3 people.  They are copying us when we make the sign of the cross before and after praying.  It’s pretty cute and they are trying to say the words.  Sam cheats some times when he touches his shoulders and uses both hands ;). 
These are the only 2 little boys I know who would rather sit in a chair and watch me fix dinner than play with all their toys.  We brought them some new toys and the foster parents gave us some of their favorites, but they have no interest in them.

They like to get their own way and when they don’t, look out!  Sam’s a biter.  He’s bitten Aaron twice and one night, I noticed teeth marks on Drew’s arm when I was putting his pjs on him.  When Sam’s put in timeout, he screams bloody murder, but there aren’t any tears and all the sudden he just stops so I’m thinking it’s more for show than anything.  Drew just glares at us and talks back and balls up his fist like he wants to hit something.  We’ve started taking him in another room and holding his hands, talking to him gently to show him that it doesn’t help to get angry. I know they both miss their foster family and siblings, but Drew is the only one who says anything.
They’ve been waking up at 6:30 am.  Usually Drew wakes up first and then Sam.  This morning, when I heard him, I went out to the living area and had him lie down on the couch.  I figure he has been waking up Sam and that Sam could sleep in some.  Drew lay on the couch for about an hour before Sam woke up on his own.

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