Friday, March 2, 2012

Doodie in the Pool (from Kim)

Anybody remember the scene from Caddyshack when the kid slipped the Baby Ruth into the pool?  Another kid was swimming by with his goggles and snorkel, sees it, yells “DOODIE!” and all the kids jumped out as quickly as possible.  Anyone?

On Wednesday, we took the kids to the Aqua Palace again.  Aaron and I both stayed with them in the morning and ate lunch with them.  After lunch, Aaron went to work in the café that had Wi-Fi – here they use the short i sound, not the long i sound (Wee – Fee as in Pee – pee).  Anyway, I took the boys back to the kids’ area.  There were actually quite a few people there and even though the kids weren’t playing with each other (see Aaron’s post) the boys were entertaining themselves with a beach ball and most people would even throw it back to them if it got away from them.  If the ball went near a couple people, they would look at our boys with a look “how could you bring something like that to the pool?”  I was sitting out, letting the boys have fun.  After we’d been there about an hour, I notice a mom and her kid get out and the mom went off around the corner.  Then I saw a boy & a girl (maybe college age) come around the corner with a pail and a dust pan.  Everybody started talking really loudly in Hungarian and kids started scrambling to get out of the pool ASAP.  I got this pit in my stomach and went to get our boys out of the pool.  I turn to look at the kids having to scoop the poop from the pool and the boy dry heaves a little and the girl is making a “GROSS” face.  I sat the boys down and asked them if they went kaka in the pool.  Both nodded their heads.  I thought that maybe they misunderstood and thought I was asking them if they needed to go not did they already go.  So I asked Drew and he shook his head no.  Then I look at Sam and his chin his down touching his chest.  I asked, “Sam, did you go kaka in the pool?”  He said “Igen” (yes).

I took him to the bathroom.  The whole time I prayed that he misunderstood me and thought I was asking if he needed to go.  We get in the stall and I pulled down his swimsuit….

And there it was.  The proof that he did indeed kaka in the pool.  I am mortified!  I clean him up as best I can, run back to get our stuff and Drew and leave to get Aaron.  I told him what happened and he hides his laugh from Sam, because Sam loves to have people think he’s funny.
I’m wondering if I can show my face at the Aqua Palace again.  Luckily, I think most people there are on holiday, so if we go back next week, more than likely, no one will still be around.

Here’s what I can’t figure out – these 2 boys love to go to the bathroom and tell us 50 times a day that they have to go, but once we get to the pool, neither one will say anything to us about going to the bathroom.
Do I dare take Sam back?  Let me know your opinion.


  1. Yes, I think so. The water is warm and he may not realize when he goes. You might talk to him before he goes in the water and ask him if he needs to go.

  2. Can you find the swim type pullups there? that might be a solution, if they are available.

  3. Pull ups are a great idea. Of course, go back. They understand what happened, and you had to leave, so that made an impact as well.