Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Persistance Pays Off

Ok, some quick travel trips:
  • When travelling in other countries, sometimes you have to insert your room key in a holder by the door to turn on all electronics. 
We knew this when we arrived in Budapest on Monday.  It was a beautiful day here and very warm about 70 degrees.

We got out of the room to see some sights and also let the boys run off some energy.  When we made it back to our room about 8pm, it was sweltering inside.  We put our room key in the holder and cranked down the AC.  The room never cooled down.  Aaron and I kept inspecting the windows to see if they opened but they look more like skylights and we couldn't figure out how they would open.  We decided to say something in the morning when we went down for breakfast.

  • Hotel A/C only works in the summer months.
Aaron spoke to someone at the front desk this morning and she told him to open the windows or the door to the hallway.  He replied that he didn't think the windows opened and she said she would send someone up.  No one ever came.  I finally called down to the front desk to ask her about the A/C.  Her response was, "it's only March, we don't have air conditioning right now."  Keep in mind, this is a very nice hotel.  Her suggestion was again to open the door to the hallway.

  • Persistance pays off
Aaron and I again started inspecting the windows to see if there was some way they could open.  Aaron noticed at the top, a very small strip of wood with hinges on it.  He pulled on the strip of wood and the window swung open.  We have been in heaven ever since!!

It is nice to have fresh air during the days and nights.

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