Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's GREAT to be home! (from Kim)

We made it home last Thursday night and finally made it in to bed around 1 am.  Gus was so excited to see us and finally meet the boys in person!  We kept Gus home from school on Friday - several of his classmates were at the regional science fair, there wasn't much going on.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the boys had a great time playing outside.  They bonded so well that first day!

On Saturday, we had lots of visitors!  We loved seeing everyone and the boys played hard all day.

The boys were great in mass on Sunday.  Gus was an altar server and they loved seeing him up on the altar.  They met Msgr. Waldow and Bishop Zurek.  Sunday was the one year anniversary of the cathedral dedication and cake was served after mass.  The boys sure liked that!!

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