Wednesday, March 21, 2012

President Hotel in Budapest

We are staying at the President Hotel in Budapest, its in the middle of the Government district and 50 meters from the U.S. Embassy.  It has been a very pleasant experience and George, our coordinator negotiated a very good rate. It has been very good. 

Maybe this is a testament to Kimbo and I's need for friend interaction, but we found the hotel's Promotional Video to be absolutely hilarious.  This is the info video that plays on channel 1 when you turn the TV on that has info on events happening around the hotel and the hotel restaurant, etc. etc...  It is also playing in the elevator and on a flat screen at check in.  We would kill for a translation to the words to the song.   You can pick up "hotel president" and "budapest" in the lyrics but that's it. Please watch through to the end and enjoy! 

(i was going to video it from the TV in our room, but took a shot and found it already posted on YouTube)


Kimbo and I celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary yesteday!  When we checked into the Hotel President, one of the first things we noticed was "child care available" in the information catalog in the room (kimbo always reads through them thoroughly as long as I have known her, as soon as we check into the room.  You know the guest services catalog that nobody but her ever reads.)

It took most of Tuesday morning to get across to the lady working the desk that we didn't need child car seats but a "baby sitter."  I would say, "do you have a baby sitter available?  your guest services book says you have child care."  She would say "one moment" and come back with a child booster seat for a car. 

Finally we said, today is our anniversary, we haven't had any time to ourselves the last 30 days and we were wondering if you have someone that can come into the room when we aren't there, but the kids are.  So they produced "Porche" pronounced like the car.  Porche is the hotel marketing director and young, and typical of the attractive Hungarian women I have described in my previous posts.  She will do it for 50 euros!

So Kimbo and I got to enjoy 4 hrs of Budapest just on our own.  It was wonderful.  Turns out we made friends with Porche and saw her everyday we were here.  We didn't have the heart to ask her if she was responsible for the marketing video above. 

Porche with Drew and Sam

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