Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hungarian Independence Day (from Kim)

Written on Friday but not posted
Thursday, March 15th was a national holiday in Hungary.  In 1848 the Hungarians declared their independence from the Hapsburgs.  Even though they lost their independence a few years later, the holiday is still celebrated.  Because it falls on a Thursday this year, everyone is also taking Friday off so they can have a long 4 day weekend.  Today and yesterday have been really nice days and lots of people are out and about.  Most of the clothing and grocery stores are closed but the restaurants and bars are open.

After lunch Thursday, we had a visit from our facilitator George.  He wanted to go over the events of the next week with us.

We will be leaving our little apartment on Saturday morning and going back to Miskolc.  Aaron and I wanted to do this so we could attend church on Sunday morning.  This has been a good little home for us.  At first we were pretty skeptical but we have grown to like the area and our place. 

We’ve ventured out more the last couple weeks and tried some different restaurants and more traditional Hungarian food.  Overall, the food is really good.  We haven’t been adventurous enough to try any liver or knuckle dishes.  One thing we’ve found odd is that they use huge chunks of bacon fat in recipes and then serve it right along with the food. 

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